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Our Mission
VRG Therapeutics is a leader in pharma R&D with world-class AI-driven drug discovery platform that combines in silico and wetlab capabilities to create miniproteins with extreme selectivity and outstanding affinity
Our mission is to cure diseases via targets and mechanism of actions (MoAs) that cannot be reached with traditional approaches.

Using our unique ISEPTM and CREATeTM technologies, we optimize peptides and proteins of artificial and natural origin using directed evolution to create peptide-based pharmaceuticals or cutting-edge cell and gene therapy (CGT) products. The directed evolution platforms provide the very essence of our peptide/protein-based projects and enable us to handle a diverse portfolio, hence ensure the long-term stability of our R&D activities. Whereas on the fundamentally different parts of our projects, we cooperate with companies or academic laboratories having outstanding expertise on the subject.
why do we work with miniproteins?
Miniproteins combine the benefits of small molecules and large biologics. Ideal next-generation peptide therapeutic for targets intractable by antibodies and small molecules.
Image of a miniprotein
  • Stabilized by disulfide bonds
  • Resistant to protease degradation, hydrolysis and oxidation
  • Precisely tunable PK/PD via modular fusions
  • Oral administration through recombinant live biotherapeutic product (rLBP) delivery
  • Low-cost, versatile manufacturing options: synthetic and recombinant (prokaryotic)
  • Outstanding (subnanomolar) affinity
  • Excellent tissue penetration due to small size (max 60 amino acids)
  • Extreme, up to 10.000x selectivity due to large interaction surface
  • No harmful breakdown products
Low immunogenicity
  • No formation of anti-drug antibodies (ADAs) due to small size, and protease resistance
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Million ways to improve life
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Million ways to improve life